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Prayer Guide

South Africa Basketball Team 2015

The mission of our team is to go into the high schools around Port Elizabeth, South Africa share our own testimonies while also sharing the gospel with the students. We want to use basketball as a way to reach these kids, shine the light of Christ, and glorify his name in everything we do.

We could use your prayers in the following areas:

Team Preparation: Pray that the team will…

  • Workout daily in preparation. Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually
  • Prepare spiritually in study of the salvation presentation
  • Be bold in our words and testimonies
  • Have a clear understanding of the culture in which we will be in
  • Be faithful in the word of God daily and in prayer
  • Communicate consistently with prayer partners
  • Stay focused on our goal for the trip- never forgetting to glorify God in everything
  • As a team be able to raise the $46,000 needed for this trip
  • Stay faithful that God will use each one of us in mighty ways

Travel: Pray for the team…

  • To be safe in all travels by air mainly, but also driving around P.E. and back and forth from the airport
  • To receive all checked baggage on time at their arrival at all connecting flights and clear from customs without any difficulties
  • For Boyd Hall as he escorts our team around P.E. all day
  • For the team to hit all flights on time and have no delays that will set back for any missed flights

The Work: Pray for…

  • The team will keep focus completely on the Lord
  • God to bring about understanding to the kids we speak to so that they understand our personal stories and the story of Christ
  • The kids in the schools will be open and willing to listen to our testimonies and the gospel
  • God’s presence will fill the schools and bring change in the hearts of the kids we get to speak to.
  • The team will make the most of each and every opportunity to disciple, evangelize, and to see more students come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior
  • No big problems with language barriers
  • That God will do significant work in the lives of the students whom we get to reach out and speak the Word of God to.