Nate actively engages people in a highly interactive manner that is enjoyable, humorous and thought-provoking. Watch the video below to see more!

Nate Miller - Leadership Speaker | Performance Coach | Author

Nate is a leadership expert and best-selling author that helps organizations build and lead top-notch teams that outperform their competition. As and in-demand Speaker Nate has sivanka mediumhared the stage with industry heavyweights such as Ivanka Trump, Harry Dent and Charles S. Lauer.

He utilizes cutting edge, yet practical strategies that teach groups how to motivate and inspire teams to peak performance, foster loyalty and create a fun and exciting work environment.


Melanie Stacy, Regional Director of Operations

Nate rocked the room with his powerful insights! He shared incredible stories that inspired his listeners to peak performance. He really connected with the audience and we had such an overwhelming positive response from our group. He really made our conference!

Melanie Stacy, Regional Director of Operations, RehabCare
Kim Terry, Community Relations Coordinator

Nate has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and knows the true meaning of teamwork. His keynote inspires others to be the best they can be. It was such a pleasure getting to hear Nate and he is who comes to mind when I think of a true leader.

Kim Terry, Community Relations Coordinator, Saline Memorial Rehabilitation
Saylor McHam, Director of Client Account Management

Nate Miller is a gifted communicator who is able to engage and educate a diverse group of professionals. His unique ability to connect to individuals through his own personal experiences empower his audience to leverage their influence to impact those around them. Nate provides practical strategies for how to inspire leadership, connect with employees, and foster loyalty. If you are looking for a speaker driven by purpose and passion, Nate is your guy!

Saylor McHam, Director of Client Account Management, IMWell Health
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